Deciding that youd like a dog is an exciting time, as there is nothing more rewarding than a faithful new best friend. There are key questions to ask before making that commitment; however, to be sure that your lifestyle and future plans fit in with a dogs needs.

What is Your Petcare Budget?

This is an essential question to ask because it will affect how much youre able to afford for the upkeep of your dog. Certain breeds will require a lot more ongoing investment, such as large dogs needing a lot more food. Working out your petcare budget first will help you to narrow down your search to those breeds you can afford the upkeep of.

Is Your Home Spacious Enough for a Dog?

Even if youre ready for a dog and have a lifestyle perfectly suited, your home needs to be enough to accommodate everything a dog need, too. If you live in a tiny studio apartment at the top of a very high apartment block, then you need to think about how that would affect your ability to care for a dog, give it the room it needs, and also how you would go about letting it out for regular bathroom breaks.

If youre serious about getting a dog, but your home simply isnt suitable, you may want to look at relocating in the long run.

What Healthcare Treatment Will Your Dog Need Based on Age or History?

If youre planning on getting a puppy, then there are plenty of initial vaccinations and treatments your pup will need before you get into a regular adult healthcare routine. This can affect your budget, so its important to understand what your new dog will need. If you are getting a dog from a shelter or an adult dog by other means, knowing its history in terms of the vaccinations its already had will be extremely helpful to continue its treatment. You should also find a local vet so that you can price up how much healthcare plans and treatment will be.

What are Your Plans for the Dog while You’re Out at Work?

Theres nothing wrong with leaving your dog alone while youre out at work, provided its not left alone for too long and is adequately cared for and stimulated. Nevertheless, its an important question to ask if you have a job that sees you away from home for long hours or a working routine that may see you working various hours or needing to spontaneously go into work.

Knowing what you would do with your dog while youre away at work is a crucial consideration to make. Do you have a friend or neighbor to check in on the dog while youre out? Would you consider pet daycare, so your dog isnt alone?

What are Your Plans Over the Next 10 Years?

Dogs are a huge lifetime commitment. The average lifespan of a dog can be around 10 years, but some can live a lot longer, such as up to 15 or 16 years of age. Its therefore important to think about any big life changes youre planning for the next ten years that might affect your ability to keep a dog.