Today, 340,000 destination weddings occur each year. Weddings commemorate what often become special days for people. Still, destination weddings require more time, money, effort, and planning than their traditional counterparts.

But destination weddings can pack more meaning and fit many couples best.

So what makes a couple decide to plan a destination wedding; what makes it worth their while to literally go that extra mile?

Read on for 6 reasons why!

Quality Time

Destination weddings often take place out of the country. This means that guests must pay for plane tickets to attend. Attendance rate lowers from cost and inconvenience, which gives the happy couple more time to mingle with guests.

Guests and couples also typically stay at the same resort for an extended period. Click here for specific assistance with wedding destination ideas and planning.

Less Expensive

Fewer guests means fewer expenses. This includes less food, less space/fewer reservations in resorts, and fewer decorations.

Additionally, destination resorts typically offer some kind of bundle deal or savings. Average wedding costs vary per state in the U.S., though they generally cost more than, say, a tropical wedding.

Wedding and Honeymoon 2 in 1

Couples can have their one wedding with friends and family in one resort and a private honeymoon in another. This reduces stress, time, and (more) money. Think about it: no traveling necessary and no scheduling mishaps with potentially more savings, depending on the resort.

Furthermore, the couple has already become familiar with the destination at that point which makes it easier to get around. We’ve also removed jet lag from the equation.

Desirable Location

Couples may choose to get married anywhere in the world with a destination wedding. As such, they can choose somewhere extremely romantic, somewhere with special meaning for them, or somewhere they’ve always wanted to travel.

The optimal location further encapsulates a memory and quickly turns into future desirable anniversary trips. It makes for worthy pictures, too.

Easier Planning

Wedding planning comes with endless decisions. Food, drinks, music, theme, attire, guests, and more! Yet most resorts at destination weddings usually have some preset theme.

They help set the tone; decide on decor, menus, and music; and sometimes include their own coordinators as well. Such assistance allows the couple to focus on more pressing issues like who gets to include in the wedding party.

Plan a Destination Wedding Now

Many people consider destination weddings a hassle when in reality, they can become the best wedding for many couples. While it takes some extra time to plan a destination wedding, we may reap other worthwhile benefits from one as well.

Overall, wedding planning boils down to what each couple needs and wants. Think about budget, guest list size, and more when considering a destination wedding.

That said, if the couple wants to save money, have an intimate gathering, and travel somewhere unique, a destination wedding may be the way to go!

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