When Dolce & Gabbana holds its annual Alta Moda in Italy, it’s a celebration of high-end art and culture. It reflects everything glorious about luxurious Italian life. The D&G recent event in Venice in August of 2021 was no exception.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created masterpieces inspired by the serpentine patterns on the floor of St. Mark’s as well as the kaleidoscopic patterns of Murano glass. They created 120 breathtaking pieces inspired by the Commedia dell’arte, Italian for “comedy of the profession”. Commedia dell’arte was an early form of professional theater and the characters sometimes wore masks. For the Alta Moda show, models wore colorful wigs as well as they walked the length of the catwalk.

Dolce & Gabbana Celebrates High-End Culture and Celebrities

Featuring a host of famous celebrities, the event celebrates the taste and fashion of the Italian people. Like the runway models, the celebrities arrived on the scene carried by gondolas. Handsome stewards steered the boats and helped the celebrities, many of whom wore rich and colorful clothing, onto the floor of Piazzetta San Marco or St. Mark’s Square, one of the most famous spots in Venice.

Jennifer Lopez Donned the Flowers of Italy

Actress Jennifer Lopez attended the event wearing trousers made of a floral metallic print on a black background and a metallic bra with rhinestone adornments. She also wore a cape made of floral teal brocade and a tiara of metallic flowers with rhinestone centers.

The high-end lifestyle is known for celebrating the bold and beautiful, and Dolce & Gabbana put that color and beauty into every outfit they designed for their models and the celebrities who attended.

Jennifer Hudson Serenaded

Actress Jennifer Hudson looked stunning in a gold ball gown and matching gold corset studded with sequins. She carried an embellished gold handbag and wore a tiara of gold metallic flowers. During the event, she serenaded the crowd with Nessum Dorma from the opera Turandot.

Heidi Klum and Kourtney Kardashian Bared All

One facet of the high-end lifestyle is to be bold and daring. Heidi Klum flaunted her model figure in a black bodysuit covered with a sheer black metallic fabric. Kourtney Kardashian wore a black bustier and black panties covered with a sheer black and pink floral print. She also wore a 3-D magnolia flower at her waist. Such bold accessories are the type only the high-end elites could carry off.

Dame Helen Mirren’s Gown Celebrated Italian Artwork

Dame Helen Mirren wore a gown reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance. Colored jewels encrusted her gold corset. The skirt of her elegant gown bore paintings of the Italian masters. She carried a gilded gold clutch and wore elaborate gold earrings.

Saweetie Shimmered

American rapper Saweetie shimmered in a black and silver gown. Crystals studded her long silver gloves and matching belt. She also wore a matching silver hat and a black and silver rhinestone dog collar. Turquoise rhinestones also adorned her silver heels.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Showed Catered to the Young

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda brand is one that caters to the young as well older members of the high-end lifestyle. This year’s event featured the children of celebrities.

The three daughters of Sean “Diddy” Combs strutted the catwalk during the event. Twelve-year-old twins Jesse James and D’Lila Combs rode together in a gondola before walking down the catwalk. Jesse wore a silver lace and tulle corset dress that had pastel blue accessories. D’Lila Combs modeled a boned dress of black taffeta. She also wore a magenta belt. Chance Combs wore an off-the-shoulder dress with a belt of red ribbon.

Other Daughters of the Rich and Famous Dazzled

Christian Bale’s daughter Luka Bale walked down the catwalk wearing a corset dress of cream tulle. Dolce & Gabbana adorned the dress with brooches and crystals as well as hand-painted organza flowers.

Leni Klum, daughter of Heidi Klum, wore a short, teal corset dress. She also wore a magnificent crown of kaleidoscopic jewels. Monica Bellucci’s daughter Deva Cassel modeled a magenta tulle gown. The designers had embellished her gown with 3-D flowers and bows.

Alta Moda’s high-end lifestyle brand is a reflection of Italian culture. Expect Alta Moda’s other product lines to be just as rich and colorful as the elegance and beauty of Italy.