Are you getting married soon?

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re trying to pull it all off soon. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding soon, you’ve started to gather all you’ll need for the big day.

If you’ve never planned an outdoor wedding before, you may not know where to begin or what’s required of you. As such, you might be wishing for a checklist that outlines everything you need for a successful wedding ceremony.

Luckily, we’ll cover everything you should include in your outdoor wedding checklist. So, keep on reading!

Wedding Venue

Pick a location that is convenient for all your guests. You can research and ask who has recently gotten married for their recommendations.

Check that the location you choose has enough space for all your guests. Make sure that the location you choose is well-lit because you don’t want your guests to be squinting in the sun to see you exchange your vows.

Finally, you need to check that the location you choose is in a safe area. You don’t want your guests to be worried about their safety while they are at your wedding. There are so many beautiful places to choose from as perfect destination wedding locations.

Wedding Attire

For brides, consider a lightweight dress made from a natural fiber like cotton or linen. Avoid strapless or sleeveless styles, as you don’t want to be exposing too much skin to the sun. A pretty sunhat or veil is a must to protect your face, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Grooms can stay cool by opting for a linen suit or even a linen shirt and pants. Avoid dark colors, which will absorb more heat, and go for light, breathable fabrics. If you’re worried about sweating, consider purchasing an undershirt to help wick away moisture.

Flowers and Decorations

Talk to your florist about the best blooms for your location and season. Check to have enough for bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and other decorations.

Plan for weather conditions, and choose appropriate decorations. Consider items like wedding tents, canopies, string lights, and citronella candles. If it’s going to be hot, make sure there’s a shade for guests, if it might rain, have a wedding plan B and C in place.

For tabletop, rent or buy enough tables, chairs, linens, china, and glassware for your guests. Don’t forget items like garbage cans, extension cords, and tape.

Food and Drinks

A variety of food and drink options should be available to accommodate all guests. A buffet with a variety of hot and cold dishes, a variety of drinks such as water, wine, and beer, and a variety of fruits, cookies, and cakes should be available. It is also important to consider any special dietary needs of guests when planning the menu.

Create a Successful Plan With This Outdoor Wedding Checklist

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful. They also come with their own set of logistics and preparations. Use this outdoor wedding checklist to confirm you’ve got everything covered, from the perfect venue to a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Don’t forget the little details that will make your day special that reflect your style. With extra planning, your outdoor wedding will be a success!

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