Watching live sports is a popular pastime for a lot of Americans. Sports play an important part in American culture, helping bring people together on match days or helping maintain whole communities in cities that have successful teams. Whether you live in or are traveling to the United States, you owe it to yourself to see at least one live game. Here are the best games to watch live in the United States, whether you choose to go in person or watch them on TV.


Basketball is one of the biggest sporting exports in the United States. Although college basketball is still going strong, the NBA is the bigger attraction. This is because it has some of the biggest stars in all sports in the United States, with most cities having teams that participate in the main league. Basketball is lots of fun to watch, fast-paced, and has lots of drama on and off the court. Watching a game is thrilling because there is no way of knowing how a game will go. Even in cases where there is a clear underdog, there have been upsets, and you never know when these will happen. People support both teams and individuals, and you will find a majority of Americans watching live games when one is one. Attending live games is also a great experience, and it is something everyone should do at least once.


Baseball has always dominated the number one and two spots as the most popular sport in the United States. The sport has been around for a few centuries depending on who you ask. Although the sport has undergone some turbulence in recent years, it remains a very popular game, with live games available almost every day of the week when the season is on. There are two main levels of baseball to enjoy, minor and major league baseball. The Major League Baseball league is the oldest sports league in the world and that is why it has a massive following. This following has led to various activities developing around baseball. Baseball simulation games have been popular for a long time as they allow you to play whole seasons using players from all baseball eras. You can play baseball simulation games on Simnasium by choosing a roster, setting up your team, and watching the simulation happen.

American Football

American football traded the number one spot with baseball all the time, but many people say football is more popular. The game is very different from European football, as the ball in this type of football is rarely kicked, instead spending most of the time in the hands of players. The aim is to get the ball to the end zone to score, with the players on the other team doing everything they can within the rules to stop this from happening.

American football is so exciting because, apart from its physical nature, fans watch as offensive and defensive teams try to outsmart each other using different tactics and strategies.


Basketball, football, and basketball are all very exciting games that everyone should see live at least once in the United States. If you do become a fan, you can watch all of them on TV and know you are together with millions of other people enjoying the same games, strategies, and drama.