We will all grow old, and perhaps more importantly, we will all have elderly friends and family that will need to be cared for at some point in their lives. It’s a universal struggle fraught with decisions and options that we must all be informed about. Here are some great insights into the health and fitness of older people.

Why health and fitness for older adults can be a minefield


Too much info

There is so much information and data available on health and fitness that it can be quite confusing for those entering or already in their elderly years. Information and advice on what to eat, how much to drink, sleep, and how to keep your memory in the best condition is available in over-abundance, and once you’ve reached a certain age, it seems to fill your inbox and can be extremely confusing and somewhat disconcerting.

No widespread understanding of wellness related to elderly health

It seems that there is no universal or commonly shared understanding of wellness for older people, and although mental health is now a predominant concern for older adults, it is still not part of the mainstream thinking on improving elderly health and fitness. However, one of the best ways to positively affect elderly health and fitness is to improve mental health and wellness.

Elderly fitness is person specific

Depending on the life you have lived, the exercise you have done in the past and your overall health will determine your level of fitness. No one expects older people to be able to run a marathon or partake in a cross-fit session, but fitness is still important. Being able to walk without wheezing and performing some form of daily exercise or stretches are the basics of fitness for older people that will depend on the individual and their specific level of personal fitness.

How to avoid the confusion that abounds in elderly health


Research and reading

You need to be doing as much reading and research as possible. The more information you have and the more health solutions and options you have access to, the better for you and yours. It is in the detail and specific solutions for particular elderly health problems or challenges that senior fitness can be improved and developed.

Look for a living solution that involves professionals

It is one of the widest-followed solutions, and many will people will look for a living solution that involves professionals. You can easily find out more here and read up on what the various options are. These professionals will be best placed to work with older adults in their care to develop and improve their physical fitness and overall health.

When it comes to supporting the elderly and getting older yourself, you need to keep in mind that there is support and advice out there, and the trick will be to determine how much information you need and which sources of such information are going to be your trusted sources.