A friendly reminder from the SS crew for you to get ready for the Gourmet Latino Festival!  

Prepare to take “A Journey of Latin Flavors” from June 4th through the 12th for a full week of Latin American indulgences!

Friday, June 4th kicks off the opening party with some of New York’s best chefs and mixologists with live music, food and Latin inspired cocktails.  And there are a ton of events, tastings, and seminars that will blow you away, so be sure to check out their full calendar of events!

Read on for more info about the festival and about Gourmet Latino!


The First-Ever Socially Conscious Celebration of Latin Gastronomy and Culture To Debut in New York City, June 4-12, 2010

Chefs, Mixologists and Tastemasters Come Together to Share the Diverse Foods, Wines, Spirits and Cocktails of Latin America

Gourmet Latino Festival, the ground-breaking socially conscious celebration of Latin culture and culinary traditions, will premiere in New York City on June 4-12, 2010, its organizers announced today.  The multi-day festival is expected to attract 1,500 food, wine and cocktail enthusiasts from the general public, as well as industry and trade members.  It will be held at the Astor Center in Manhattan’s fashionable NoHo area.  The festival will also include a week-long restaurant promotion that will attract an additional 5,000 diners.

The fesival will feature over 30 food and beverage industry personalities including chefs, mixologists, wine experts and authors to showcase the regional cuisines, wines, spirits, beers, cocktails, gourmet coffees and cultural traditions of countries such as Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay, among others.  Tickets will be available for purchase on April 1, 2010 at

“The richness and diversity of Latin culture can best be experienced through its gastronomy.  Latin chefs and mixologists have revolutionized the way we eat, drink and think about food and beverages,” said Karen Uribe, co-founder of Gourmet Latino.  “We felt it was time to celebrate this remarkable achievement by showcasing the best talent that the Latin world has to offer, as well as its incredible flavors, exotic ingredients and premium delicacies in the ultimate eco-friendly immersive experience.  We will spotlight the highest quality products from socially responsible companies because we care about consumers, the lives of our farmers and communities, our culture and traditions.  We also want to honor the many bicentennial celebrations taking place across Latin America beginning this year.”

The festival is committed to improving the lives of Latino farmers in the U.S. and Latin America.  It has partnered with Greenmarket, a program of GrowNYC (formerly the Council on the Environment of NYC), the Rainforest Alliance and the Fair Trade Federation to raise awareness of sustainable living and fair trade practices, as well as the importance of local farmers.  In addition, a portion of ticket sales will be donated to GrowNYC’s “New Farmer Development Project,” which helps immigrants with agricultural experience become successful farmers in the region.

The festival will also set the bar in its marketing efforts and its production to minimize waste.  For example, street teams will distribute exotic fruits in place of flyers and handouts to minimize paper usage and will leverage social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Chef Aarón Sánchez and Steve Olson, aka wine geek, are the festival’s culinary and wine & spirits experts.  Chef Aarón is an inspirational force in Latin cuisine in the U.S., embodying the charisma, the presence and talent of a great Latin chef.  He has helped put Mexican cuisine in the pantheon of great cuisines.  Steve is an acclaimed beverage expert who is passionate about Latin America’s Tequilas, Mezcales, Piscos and wines. Together they are helping to orchestrate the food and beverage aspects of the festival.

Highlights include day and evening grand tasting events such as “A Day in Latin America,” where attendees will be invited to explore the culture and delicious foods of a typical town in Latin America, as well as “Live the Spirit of Carnival,” where attendees will be able to partake in diverse, authentic dishes, music and a “fiesta” atmosphere that captures the experience of Carnival in numerous Latin countries.  Each event will have dishes prepared by six chefs and cocktails by different mixologists.

In addition, the festival will include the “Gourmet Latino’s Authentic Dining Week” from June 8-12, which will have participating restaurants in New York City and New Jersey offer special Latin-inspired dinner menus that are expected to attract 5,000 diners; and other special events, including an Opening Cocktail Party, hands-on seminars and special dinners.

Gourmet Latino’s co-founders are Karen Uribe, who has extensive experience in marketing and strategic planning, including a stint with Conill, the Hispanic arm of Saatchi & Saatchi; Mariana Suarez and Claudia Castro, who, as partners in Citrico Inc., have produced large events and festivals like the Encuentro de Músicos Colombianos, a live music festival in New York City that brought together 20 bands and more than 80 artists on stage, as well as other international projects.

About Gourmet Latino Festival

The Gourmet Latino Festival is the first world-class, socially conscious celebration of Latin culture and culinary traditions.  The eco-friendly, multi-day celebration will feature renowned chefs, mixologists and tastemasters to showcase Latin America’s profound cultural richness and diversity.  The festival is committed to improving the lives of farmers by bringing the highest quality products from socially responsible companies and by partnering with organizations like Greenmarket, a program of GrowNYC (formerly the Council on the Environment of NYC), the Rainforest Alliance and the Fair Trade Federation.  The annual Gourmet Latino Festival will debut in New York City, June 4-12, 2010.  Other cities envisioned for future Gourmet Latino festivals include Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, Texas.  For more information and ticket purchases, please visit