Situated along the sparkling coastline of the Costa del Sol is Málaga. The port city embodies a youthful vigor in a city that has transformed itself.

Last year the city welcomed more than 1.4 million travelers. Many of them came to sample the cuisine, soak up the rays of the sun and explore the charming laneways and energetic plazas in the city’s historical center.

Basking in the sights and beauty that Málaga offers, it is unsurprising that many choose to want to live in the picturesque city.

If you are considering moving to Málaga, here are a few reasons to potentially sway you into leaping.

Range Of Accommodation Available 

Moving to a new country is a unique experience. It signals a chance to have a fresh start, meet new people and create many memories you will fondly reflect on in the future. However, it can be a stressful time. Applying for visas, finding a job, and of course, looking for a place to live can take time.

Finding a place to live in Málaga is not as stressful as initially thought. There is a diverse selection of accommodation available in the city, many of which ranges in prices. You will likely find a place you like that is accommodating to your budget.

To further minimize the stress of moving, you can choose to go with the available furnished accommodation in Málaga. It allows you to remove the task of transporting or investing in pieces of furniture to go in your new home.

Ideal Location And Heavenly Weather

Málaga is a prime location for exploring the cosmopolitan city or spending time on one of the many stunning beaches. You can also explore the historic sites and buildings. All of this is a short drive away.

Being a coastal city in the Mediterranean, Málaga´s climate is what attracts endless tourists each year. The warm, sunny weather also allows you to do plenty of activities outdoors. Whether you prefer walking and jogging to playing sports such as football and basketball, you can enjoy any of these whilst you soak in the sun.

Passion For Gastronomy

Although the tapas are delightful, the rest of the Spanish cuisine is also a treat for the tastebuds. The influence from the Mediterranean in the local gastronomy makes Málaga dishes one-of-a-kind treats. Each one leaves you to desire more and more every time.

One dish that you must try is Gazpachuelo Malagueño. It was a plate regularly eaten by local fishermen. Throughout the years, it has undergone constant reinvention by contemporary chefs. Today it is considered an obligatory food to eat when in Málaga.

Should there be days where you want to escape the city and explore somewhere new, Málaga offers fantastic transport links. It does allow you to visit other areas of Spain. The airport also connects you with almost all European capitals within 2-4 hours of flight time.

You will likely have other reasons for moving to Málaga. Additionally, you might uncover more qualities the port city has to offer. During your time there, you might even choose to extend your year break.