Traveling to South America is a unique experience, especially when heading to some more prominent countries. For example, Colombia is one of the most incredible places on the whole continent, a place that you just can’t ignore. Here are five of the best tourist destinations for those who plan on visiting the area soon.

Monserrate, Bogotá – a Unique and Unforgettable Experience

Bogota is a Colombian area of almost overwhelming beauty and staggering height. In particular, Monserrate rises over the surrounding city, nearly 3,600 meters higher than sea level. Many visitors to Colombian territories make a pilgrimage here to check out the mountain and climb to the top. There is a church at the top that provides a beautiful view and creates a unique landscape view.

Many Christians in the area flock to this church to experience its natural beauty and incredible size and scope. There are also a handful of different commercial options at the top, including a handful of attractive restaurants and cafes. Here, you can get a taste of real Colombian food, a unique combination of flavors that you just can’t emulate by getting South American fare in a restaurant back at home. It’s just not the same, we promise.

Botero Plaza, Medellín – The City of the Eternal Spring is a Popular Destination

The Botero Plaza is an intelligent option in the Colombian district of Medellin. It is a vast plaza that serves as a center-point for many different Colombian artwork pieces. Few people from North America likely realize just how much great art comes from this country. The plaza is one place where any art lover or someone who loves high-quality cultural elements needs to visit ASAP.

In the plaza, you can get easy access to the Museum of Antioquia, one of the most important art collections in the country. Just as importantly, you are not far from the Uribe Palace. This area utilizes 23 different statues created by Fernando Botero. This artist is one of the most celebrated and respected in Colombian history and has work that will transform many people’s perceptions of the area. His work alone makes this plaza a can’t-miss destination.

Mompox, River Magdalena – A Quirky and Picturesque Town

Mompox is the type of Colombian village that many people imagine when they think of this country. Not far from the River Magdalena (the river that national writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, grew up on and wrote about frequently), this village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and requires a lot of work to get to via the use of boats. Thankfully, many teams are available to serve this purpose for your need.

When you get here, you’ll get the chance to see a very quaint and quirky village that exists as a reminder of centuries of Colombian history. Residents here tend to their fields, entertain guests, and live a slow-paced and gentle lifestyle that much likely thought was gone forever. Places like this exist worldwide, but seeing one for yourself for the first time is a unique experience that you’ll never forget.

Tayrona National Park – Features an Amazing Lost City

The Sierra Nevada is one of the largest and most celebrated mountain ranges throughout South America. And the Colombian Sierra Nevada range is home to a unique part of history that is essential for anyone visiting the country. Ciudad Perdida, or The Lost City, is one of the oldest ruins found throughout the continent. It is estimated that they were created in 800 AD.

Just for context, this is 650 years earlier than the more celebrated Machu Picchu and over 600 years before Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean on his misguided voyage. Unlike Machu Picchu, this city is not home to large numbers of visitors. Colombian authorities limit the number of visitors to just a handful every day. And you’re going to go on an arduous trek over five days in the jungle. But the experience is one that you’ll never forget.

Coffee Triangle – A Great Destination for Coffee Fans

A vast majority of the coffee on the market still comes from Colombian sources, mainly known as the Coffee Triangle. The high concentration of coffee in this region is one of the most beautiful places in the country and home to many exciting sights. For example, you’re going to see a large number of beautiful valleys and hills rolling through the area, many of which are rich with coffee-growing trees.

You’ll also find many fun and exciting towns and cities throughout this area where you can experience more Colombian life. These spots include small villages with quaint customs and larger cities with more Westernized tourist elements. In this way, the Coffee Triangle offers a little bit of everything. And for coffee lovers, it provides unique access to vibrant and unforgettable blends.