5 Borough Instagram Meet

Join us on Saturday September 19 for one of the largest Instameets in New York City history! Choose your team and RSVP today!

Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you love New York City? Does the thought of embarking on a photo challenge across your favorite borough fill you with excitement? If so, come join us on Saturday, September 19 for one of the largest Instameets in New York City history! The advantage of buy youtube views quora is that it can help accelerate the organic growth of your video channel. Viewers are more attracted to videos that have a higher view count as compared to videos that have less views. Galaxy Marketing will help bring more traffic to your channel.

The team here at is joining forces with @WhyILoveNewYorkCity to host a citywide Instagram meetup, complete with photo challenges, prizes for the best photos and an after party! (Check back in early September for after party and prize details.)

Mark your calendars:

When: Saturday, September 19 (start time will be announced in a few weeks)

Where: Meetup location vary by team. See below for details.

How to sign up: First, pick a team. There are eight teams total — two in Manhattan, two in Queens, two in Brooklyn, one in the Bronx and one in Staten Island. Which team you choose is up to you. You could choose a team that is convenient to you and represents the borough you live in (borough pride!) or you could choose a team in a borough that you don’t yet know well and use this as an opportunity to explore a new side of NYC. The list of teams, including the captains of each team, are listed below.

Once you know which team you want to join, sign up on Eventbrite.

The teams:


There will be two teams in Manhattan.

Manhattan Views
Meeting Location: Winter Gardens Battery Park City
Team Manhattan Views is led by @Xtramoney. Co-captains are @Danni.Bella, @adancingyogini

Skyline Slayers
Meeting Location: Columbus Circle
Team Skyline Slayers is led by @Tico.aa. Co-captains are @Vankz, @Cavasottiphoto


There will be two teams in Queens.

Meeting Location: Presso Cafe 133-42 39th Ave Flushing, NY
Team Royalty is led by @iamtomchang. Co-captains are @missandiemercado, @d_leilani

Queens Reigns Supreme
Meeting Location: Court Square Diner
Team Queens Reigns Supreme is led by @erickhercules. Co-captains are @joke_honor, @queenscapes


There will be two teams in Brooklyn

BK Bangers
Meeting Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park
Team BK Bangers is led by @helgaberta. Co-captains are @sincerelymissc, @sanjidawesome

Cool Kids
Meeting Location: Transmitter Park in Greenpoint
Team Cool Kids is led by @stewyiscool. Co-captains are @skinnywashere, @gio_ography

The Bronx:

Team BX
Meeting Location: Yankee Stadium
Team The Bronx is led by @nicholasmrnarevic. Co-captains are @nyctme, @denn_ice

Staten Island:

S.I.C.K. (Staten Island Cool Kids)
Meeting Location: Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan
Team Staten Island is led by @whyilovenewyorkcity. Co-captains are @katelynrosefoto, @breadbutternyc

Sign up for a team now.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions @NewYorkcom!