Social Exposure Masquerade (1)If you want an excuse to dress up and wear the most beautiful dress you have in your closet Social Exposure and Victor Medina-San Andrés can give you a great one.

Every year Social Exposure puts on a masquerade ball, and this last one on Thursday, October 17th was not your typical masquerade ball.

The evening started slow, but hey, us girls we need some time to look our best. About 8pm, the bar started to become crowded and filled with men in their best suits or tuxedos and the women wore the best dress or gown with beautiful masks. Some were more lux than others like the wife of Victor Medina-San Andrés; her mask was impeccable and probably the most beautiful of the evening.

Social Exposure Masquerade (8)

The evening was all about having fun, promoting the new GREEN vodka Milano Green, and giving to charity. The charity of the evening was Charity Water. All proceeds from the bar would go to Charity Water a new york based non-profit, that works to provide water for the poorest in India.

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