When I first entered the salon Rare by F. S. Charlie, I would never have guessed it during the day is a hairdresser salon. For the evening event they had completely remodeled the place to make room for a party. And what a party!

I entered the store as one of the first people besides the owner of the salon, the fashion designers and employees but the place was nowhere near full when I entered. The atmosphere of the store was amazing. I loved the music, the lamps, the bright colors on the walls, clothing and jewelry.

As I felt like a drink I went straight to their bar and ordered one of their specialty drinks, The Rare Specialty Cocktail. When I had gotten my drink I turned around and I noticed that the place had already filled. This is already a great sign of a great evening. The party was for the three designers Amrita Singh Jewelry, SEXIGURU and Sheen by Nausheen Gilkar.

Amrita Singh Jewelry is Indian inspired designs. Amrita Singh started her business in 2003 and with a solid background at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Bergdorf Goodman she has mixed her designs from both the new trends and Indian culture.

SEXIGURU is a colorful brand that has strong roots in the South Asian designs. Sheen by Nausheen Gilkar inspires her designs from Kashmir and her signatures are the motifs and embroidery dating back from the Mogul Empire.

DJ Robert Lux played world beats, Bhangra, and Moombahton, finger foods were passed around by servers sporting ties made courtesy by SHEEN, and the cocktails were plentiful and delicious. The staff of Rare by F. S. Charlie, like the designers of the evening, were mingling with all of the guests and they took their time explaining the relation between the salon and the three designers. Owner Fatima Sheikh is friends with the designers and they enjoy parties at the store and this is how the party with the three designers for Fashion’s Night Out came about.

As I was about to leave the store I was handed a nice treat to take with me a T-shirt and a bracelet from SEXIGURU and Bangles Bangles from Amrita Singh. It was a beautiful evening to remember.

– Line B.

Photos via Rare by F. S. Charlie and by Socially Superlative