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    Socially Superlative is a lifestyle digital publication for media, PR professionals, and influencers at the center of culture, music, and entertainment; a hub for discriminating trendsetters. Socially Superlative  covers parties, travel, restaurants, technology, launches, fashion, artistic and cultural events – everything and anything taking place in New York City and beyond.

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    MoFounder/ Editor

    Born and raised in New York City, described by some as enigmatic. You might have seen her out on the circuit at an event. She is camera shy, a dreamer, a humanitarian, a free spirit, a pescetarian, a slow walker.

    VonSenior Editor
    A Boulder native still trying to adjust to New York City life even after a decade. She is grateful for friends that put up with her antics and loudness, and – while at times shy – enjoys meeting new people and weird strangers.


    Stephanie is the truest sense of a “Jacqueline of All Trades,” constantly taking advantage of all the events NYC has to offer and writing for Socially Superlative is no exception to that mission. Stephanie is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to attend some of the most exclusive NYC events and share her experiences with readers. You may have spotted her in The New York Times.
    Dane that loves New York and an anthropologist by heart. She loves exploring, observing, and food in all its facets. Line has a soft spot for all nonprofit work and hopes that her life will take her on a path where she can combine traveling with nonprofit work or international relations. With a European’s perspective, Line writes about New York and for her own blog, A Weightloss Adventure  Line has a background in PR, communications, research, and project management.
    Michael Riegelman
    Michael RiegelmanWriter
    One of the few native New Yorkers left, Michael is the self-appointed ‘King of Hell’s Kitchen’, where he resides at his castle (and don’t call it Clinton!). Growing up in NYC, he knows his island like the back of his greasy, yet well manicured, hand. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco and world-traveler, he has visited and bicycled through most of the enjoyable European countries, as well as survived a three month trip to the Middle East before the Arab Spring of 2010, but is most proud of his recent visit to New Jersey. He and his girlfriend run NYC Grindhouse, a group committed to reliving the pre-Giuliani perversions of the late 70s and 80s, before Disney destroyed Times Square.

    Our Audience

    Our readers are entrenched in social media, keep up with news and current events, and love to voice their opinions on new venues, products, and events.  They like deals, bars, open bars, food, upscale lounges, celebrities, adventure, and fun! They represent companies like:


    We have been on the front line of the NYC social social scene since 2008.

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        A Snapshot of our Readers

        Socially Superlative readers are a mix of both men and women ages 21-40. They are college educated every day professionals who strive to live extraordinary lives. They appreciate culture, art, special events, restaurants, traveling, and are the movers and shakers in NYC, the Hamptons, L.A., Miami, and beyond.

        *Images from Socially Superlative’s anniversary party

        NYC is such a difficult city to navigate around, especially if you are new to town like myself. Socially Superlative has been a wealth of information on wedding venues, DJ’s, restaurants who cater, it is a true blessing for my upcoming wedding.
        Bianca, Hearst Corporation
        I originally envisioned this website as a “party blog”, but it is so much more. It is my go to place for new places to travel, new products, and helps me stay in the know on what is happening in my town. I love Socially Superlatvie!
        Liz, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
        I was introduced to this website through a friend in public relations, and it has become one of my favorite opine mags in New York City. If you are anyone in this town this is a simple way to keep up with what is going on. And, now Socially Superlative is helping me plan my honeymoon!
        Aaron, Bloomberg