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There was a little ray of Italian sunshine on 38th street Tuesday evening.  Alta Cucina, the Italian Epicurean center in midtown Manhattan, gave us a delicious little taste of the Mediterranean, with an event centered around Villa Massa Limóncello.

The sweet, refreshing liquor is the pure essence of sun-ripened lemons, most famously grown in the small village of Sorrento, on Italy’s Western Coast.  Here, it was featured in an assortment of new ways that offered alternatives to the usual sipped-shot, digestivo. Two Limóncello cocktails were featured, both bubbly, bright and utterly delicious, complemented wonderfully by the garlicky, zesty seafood that Alta Cucina generously provided as a pairing.  Later, the liquor was used as a decadent sauce, poured over heavenly vanilla gelato and fruit salad.

Limoncello (7)

Alta Cucina periodically plays host to small, intimate events celebrating the culinary treats (both well-known and more obscure) that Italy has to offer.  They are always extremely welcoming and delighted to share their enthusiasm for all things delicious and Italian.  And cheers to that!

– Ava Fedorov

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