So fully in love with the Braven’s mini speaker, the BRV-1, that I am unable decide which stole my heart first—the fact that the ultra rugged, water proof, shock resistant, palm-sized super speaker can actually withstand both my travels and my klutzy-ness, or the fact that Braven created a drop for drop initiative for the amazing clean water project, PeopleWater.com.  Lucky for me, I don’t have to decide, I can just go ahead loving every aspect of this awesome, charitable package.

Though the portable speaker is touted as an action sports and outdoor enthusiasts dream, I would have to add that it speaks volumes to beach bums and globe trotters who want to hear some sweet tunes anywhere and everywhere they end up. I have been pulling this pretty little powerhouse of a speaker out of my beach bag all summer long and haven’t even flinched when that stray monster wave comes out of nowhere drenching everything on my blanket. The BRV-1 doesn’t miss a beat. It also seamlessly streams via Bluetooth right from my phone, or any other device, so I can leave tangle of wires at home.

Summer freedom at last!


Unfortunately, the limited edition, People Water BRV-1 is currently sold out, but you can still have the original model, and still feel great about supporting a good company with wonderful ethics and high quality products. For every one of the co-branded People Water BRV-1 portable speaker that was sold, $45 was donated to a clean water project organized by People Water. Through this revolutionary drop for drop initiative, People Water is able to fund new well projects, well repairs, and training for local mechanics to help provide clean water to thousands of people all over the world. To view more about their recently completed clean water projects in Haiti, Ghana, Nicaragua, and India, visit https://www.peoplewater.com/clean-water-projects.

– Ava Fedorov

About the BRV-1

The BRV-1 gives action sports and outdoor enthusiasts 12 hours of music they can bring into the backcountry, rock faces, skate parks, virgin powder downhills, rafting rapids, or even the beach. With its IPX5 certified water resistant, shock absorbent, ultra-lightweight and compact design, the palm-sized speaker is set to rock in any environment, and with Wireless blue tooth streaming, you absolutely can.