amber restaurant scotch whiskey experience edinburoughWhere can you find some of the freshest food in Edinburgh Scotland? Fresh food brought in from the shore’s of Scotland’s Fife region, no place other than the home of the largest collection of Scotch whiskey in the world: Amber Restaurant located in The Scotch Whiskey Experience.

Amber is a Scottish restaurant in Edinburgh, offering the best in regional cuisine. We bring you the finest Scottish food made from the best of ingredients, complimented by the widest selection of malt whiskies. The award-winning restaurant reflects the best of seasonal Scottish produce following the changing seasons and growing patterns. Like whisky, Scotland’s food has strong regional flavors and characteristics. Here in the very heart of the capital of Scotland, we aim to represent simple country tastes from the whole country.

What makes this restaurant so unique is the fact that it sits under the largest collection of whiskey in the world. With their own whisky bar they always have someone on hand to help you find the best whisky to match with your food. It really doesn’t get any better than that – and the food is indeed superb!

If you are just in the mood to sample some fine whiskey, Amber’s Tasting Collections are ideal. They are the perfect way to explore the different variations in flavor found in Scotland’s national drink. You may have tried Scotch Whisky in the past, but have you ever really taken the time to fully appreciate all the subtle aromas and characteristics that make every Single Malt, or Blend truly unique?

Amber Restaurant
354 Castlehill The Royal Mile
Edinburgh EH1 2NE
T: 0131 477 8477
F: 0131 220 6288





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