Apr 1st - Art of Mixology at Covet

On Thursday, April 1st, I had the pleasure of being invited to Covet for an exclusive look into Master Mixologist Orson Salicetti‘s latest venture, Art of Mixology.  A team of experienced mixologists hand selected and trained by Salicetti himself, the purpose is “to reinvigorate the traditional art of making cocktails, an art form in need of a modern twist.”  And what a twist it was!

I was immediately impressed with the execution of the event when I checked in at the velvet ropes, the PR rep that checked me in announced in her headset that I arrived.  I entered and walked down the dimly lit hallway where the hostessed greeted me by name.  I was instructed that throughout the evening there would be four drinks served as different courses that would be served in succession throughout the night.  A tasting menu of masterfully crafted drinks!

Art of Mixology (4)

The mixologists were serious when it came to getting the drinks made, but friendly in explaining what went behind each concoction.  My favorite drink of the night was The Rose Duo, as it was light and flowery with hibiscus bitters, but the other drinks on the menu were also delightful:

The Rose Duo

Delicate red roses and soft baby roses swimming in champagne

My Laurel

Aged rum with a touch of Bay Leaf and All Spice to bring back a vintage flavor, aroma and memory

Tickle My Pickle

New York’s naughtiest martini, garnished with a seaweed rung and a pickled octopus

The Muse

Celebrate spring with a harmonious blend of coconut, pineapple and basil

And like I always say, what’s a fancy party without an ice sculpture?

Art of Mixology (2)


More on Orson Salicetti:

Venezuelan-born Salicetti has transformed the cocktail culture of New York City by bringing his haute cuisine sensibility to the world of spirits.  In addition to a large international following, Orson also frequently makes specialty cocktails for several New York celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Tyson Beckford, celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, and Samuel L. Jackson.  In 2009, Orson was named Mixologist of the Year by Star Chefs.

More on Art of Mixology:

Art of Mixology is a company dedicated to furthering cocktail culture worldwide.  Initially, the Art of Mixology will be a team of mixologists hand selected and trained by Salicetti.  The company will provide event services, bar management services, consulting and ultimately new product innovations that are sure to stun the spirits and nightlife industries.