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Lauren often gets stepped on in New York City, but only in the physical sense due to her 4’11 stature. She’s been taking the city by storm since 2012, stumbling along the way yet squeezing out the sweet juices it has to offer. By day Lauren works in Public Relations but by night (and weekends) she craves adventure, Broadway, travel, a solid sample sale, memorable cuisine counteracted by a sweaty workout, and well-deserved Netflix binges. Writing for Socially Superlative is perfect as she tends to talk to strangers, and this gives her an excuse that she's "gathering intel for future stories."

Clinton Hall & Kellogg’s NYC Team Up To Create The French Onion Eggo Grilled Cheese For March

There are a lot of important holidays in March including International Women’s Day, Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day. Coming in hot (or cold) is also National Frozen Food Month celebrating [...]

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Wander Over to Winter Warmer This Saturday at the Brooklyn Expo

Cannonball Productions is bringing everything we love about the season under one roof, (minus the cold) with their Winter Warmer. This Saturday, February 2nd, Winter Warmer will offer two seasonal sessions (1:30pm or 5:30pm) at The Brooklyn [...]

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