As fall descends upon us and the air turns crisp, I instinctually yearn for nights around a bonfire, laughing with friends and enjoying deliciously warm libations. But then my desire is quickly silenced, for I am surrounded by the concrete jungle that is New York City, where such entertainment could never take place.

Or could it?

On Monday, October 17th, I had the amazing opportunity to be transported back to my country roots, and all I had to do was hop on the downtown 4 train. The Beekman Beer Garden at South Street Seaport, which, in and of itself is a unique venue, transformed their summery sand-clad beach club into fall-friendly escape with their Autumn Bonfire on the Beach event.

Fire pits had been installed, sprinkled between their luminescent seating, and bartenders were concocting warm hot toddies and spiked apple cider in lieu of frozen margaritas. Event goers enjoyed an open bar, balanced out with hors d’ouevres such as toasted Parmesan bites, coconut shrimp, and sliders, and relished in a taste of nostalgia by roasting marshmallows. As I charcoaled my marshmallow and sipped on my apple cider, it felt almost oxymoronic to be enjoying such a rural activity while the Brooklyn Bridge sparkles in the background. Only in New York …

While the open bar, hors d’ouevres and marshmallows were especially for the event, those that are coveting the simplicity of toasty drinks around a bonfire can partake throughout the entire season. It’s the best of both worlds.

– Brittny Drye