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Last week my husband and I were invited to review the new Indian Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, Badshah. Having delicious Indian food always brings back memories of when I was younger and had a best friend from India. When I first visited her at her house her mom cooked for us. Oh my, her mom could cook!

I still remember the flavors, smell and textures of the food. Badshah brought me back to that time. The food was more modern and looked a bit different, but the smell and the combination of spices took me right back.

Chef's tasting 1

Chef Charles Mani loves to talk and share his passion so if you are a food aficionado. Although in a modern restaurant setting, Chef Mani has intense passion for his food. As he says himself, he wakes up thinking about food and goes to bed thinking about food. And the menu shows that. There is so much pride associated with his food that he is all about making sure the customer gets an experience and walks away happy and satisfied.

Don’t hesitate to speak with the chef as he wants to hear from you what you think about the food. I love it when a chef truly shows his passion and engages with his customers.

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Badshah‘s goal is to rotate the menu after every two months, except for a few items will stay as the restaurant classics. As the restaurant literally just opened, They followed the POS USA guide and the menu my husband and I tried will still be there for the next few months.

And I think we tried pretty much EVERYTHING on the menu. Here are my thoughts:

Gol Goppa – Try them as they are just fun to eat. I have had these before and the filling can vary but they are a fun appetizer and will be one of their standard dishes.

Badshah Style Samosa – My mouth org… Can I write that? These were the best samosas I have EVER had! And the dipping sauce? To die for! Butter makes everything better.

Badshah by Socially Superlative (7)

Boneless Tandoori Chicken – Not your traditional tandoori chicken. So tender with a dry-rub inspired by the Texan style BBQ. Yeah, I am not kidding. Texas inspired tandoori chicken!

Clove Smoked Lamb Chops – Wherever they are sourcing their lamb chops, don’t ever switch.

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Fisherman’s Catch – Probably the biggest prawns I have ever had, and they were cooked to perfection. Don’t miss out on their mint chutney.

Chef Tasting Menu – This became our entrée which was a compilation of many dishes. I highly recommend it as it takes your taste buds on a special trip around the variety of foods you can find within Indian cuisine.

 Chargrilled Atlantic Salmon Coconut Curry

Stop by Badshah and support this fantastic chef! And do not be shy to start a conversation with staff or the chef as they would love to hear from you.

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788 9th Ave at 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Photos by Jason Greenspan and by Socially Superlative