Binetti (10)

They say good things come to those who wait, and after a long but exciting day of shuffling from show to show in the rain, I had finally made it to Binetti’s location all the way on Tenth Avenue at Exit Art.  There was one slight glitch; my name was printed nowhere on the list.  Playing it cool and politely explaining that this was their fault and not mine, the calm and collected check-in girl wrote me a ticket on the spot.  Glancing down at my seat assignment I could hardly believe my eyes.  They had given me front row, in the center of the runway, goodie bag included!

My first front row experience surpassed the already high expectations I had begun to form in my head.  With mere inches separating me from Binetti’s creations, I was inspired to say the least.  While I cannot say that I would wear every one of his pieces, I appreciate Binetti’s vision and use of different fabrics in an assortment of textures, colors, and prints.  As with many designer collections, certain looks were more wearable than others.  Some of these included a professional black business suit, a yellow silk dress, and slimming pants.

The collection started off strong with a ‘silk chiffon splash painted dress with embellished jeweled neckline.’  Several other dresses, tunics, togas, and gowns completed the glamorous appearance Binetti appreciates.  The garments, despite being well tailored with superb workmanship, went under-noticed due to the immense amount of Swarovski crystal, embroidered beading, and studs adorning the majority of the outfits.

For the most part, Binetti’s collection was cohesive.  Specific styling choices created a contrast in maintaining a consistent theme.  Models walked down the runway in platform heels that gave off a modernistic vibe, while sheer fabrics and softer colors used on other garments resulted in a more bohemian feel.  Ultimately, it was the simple, well-constructed pieces that stood out most positively for me.

Diego Binetti launched his line in August of 2002 after working as a designer for both Jill Stuart and Bulgari.  Born in Argentina, Binetti studied at the International Fine Arts College in Miami, now known as Miami International University of Arts & Design, after his Italian parents moved to Florida.  He also has previous experience working as a stylist in Milan.  His fan base continues to grow with each new collection he presents.

-Megan McDonough