If you want great Greek food you go to Astoria, and if you want amazing Peruvian cuisine  swing by El Anzuelo Fino.

El Anzuelo Fino, meaning The Fine Fishhook, originally opened in 1982 in Lima, Peru and has consistently provided its clientele with the finest Peruvian Cuisine from the most seasoned chefs.  In 1998, the restaurant relocated to Woodhaven, Queens, opening a second branch in Jackson Heights in 2008. 

This venue packed hearty portions-so come prepared to share! The food is fresh, perfectly seasoned, and authentic. “We strive to offer the finest culinary experience and freshest seafood you will ever taste while continuing our warm and friendly, attentive service.  We make you feel like family,” says Boris Torres, son of the couple who operated the initial restaurant in Lima, Maria and Amilcar Torres.” We opened our restaurant in Jackson Heights because we love the rich Latin culture here.”

In turn, El Anzuelo Fino’s many customers love the Peruvian cuisine, as do a number of local food critics who continue to praise the unusual tastes as something new and exciting for the NYC palate. “Our mission is to showcase the flavors and ingredients from the different regions of Peru,” says Boris. “We bring you a perfect combination of authentic flavors and use of cooking techniques and our ingredients set us apart –for example the “Aji Amarillo, a traditional spicy yellow pepper from Peruthat has a floral taste and along with Aji Panca is grown by my grandmother, she sundries and ships directly to us.”

Signature Dishes include:

1.  Causa Rellena (stuffed potato dough mixed with shrimp/tuna/chicken); Camarones/Atun/Pollo, $7
2.  Papa/Yucca à la Huancaina (boiled potato/yucca slices topped with yellow cheese sauce), $7
3.  Anticuchos con Papa Cocida y Choclo (3 diced cow heart brochettes with potato and corn (like Shish kebab), $9

 (change daily)
1. Parihuela (delicious seafood casserole), $16
2. Chupe (Asopado) de Camarones (Peruvian shrimp chowder), $15
3. Patasca o Sopa de Mote $9
1.  Ensalada de Pulpo (octopus salad), $16
Cooked in lime, salt, onions and herbs with spices, good for clearing up sinuses.
1.  Ceviche de Corvina (fish), $14 
2.  Ceviche Mixto (fish and shellfish), $16

Parrilladas (From the Grill)

Peruvian Grill Feast – $40 for large platter, includes a pitcher of Sangria
Parrillada Peruana Para Dos (for 2 people), $36; Parrillada Peruana Para Uno (for 1 person), $22
Mariscos – Seafood
1. Corvina a lo Macho- Seared Corvina fillet in a mild shellfish creamy sauce, $20
2. Arroz con Mariscos- Shellfish mixed with rice, $16
3. Jalea- Fried seafood and cassava with Peruvian relish, $33
Carnes – Meats
1.  Braised baby goat, $13
2.  Lomo Salteado (sautéed diced top sirloin with onions, tomatoes and French fries, $13
Aves – Poultry
1.  Aji de “Gallina” (Shredded chicken in an Aji Amarillo and turmeric creamy sauce), $11
Postres – Desserts
1.  Leche Asada (Peruvian style custard), $4
2.  Picarones (4 Peruvian donuts with syrup), $6
Signature Lunch: Mon.–Fri., 11am–4pm¸ includes soup, entrée (choose from 3) & drink, $8.50
Wednesdays: Pulpo Al Olivo (diced octopus with a creamy black olive sauce), 30% off
Saturdays: 9pm–12am, Live Peruvian music, only $5


86-01 Northern Blvd.
Jackson Heights, Queens, NY 11372
Tel: 718 426-8660
Bus: Q66, Q33, Q32, Q23

98-01 Jamaica Ave.
Woodhaven (Ozone Park), NY 11421
Tel: 718 846 0909
Trains: J and Z