Chocheng (17)

Chocheng shared with us their Spring 2010 collection on September 17th, 2009 at the Bryant Park Salon.  New York socialite Annabel Vartanian,  Miss Scotland Katherine Brown, and Tracy Stern were in attendence to view the runway.

The collection started off with a series of black and white outfits with a recurring theme:  the trim were composed of this weird accordion of circular cutouts, which resembled party streamers much like the ones you would hang from ceilings.  Pardon my failure to explain this further, but that is the best description I can come up with.  These streamer things were on the hems of the skirts, the cuff of the sleeves, snaking around the collar, or just placed on the front in lieu of ruffles.  Since this was pretty innovative and peculiar, it was good that these streamers were placed on bodies with simple but stylish silhouettes.

The next categorizable trait in the collection was a series of outfits, also in black and white, that were very angular and rigid, giving off a very strong and forceful vibe.  The pleats were folded over so that it gave very defined angles that jazzed up an otherwise simple piece.

The audience started applauding when the first pop of color emerged from the runway: a brilliantly bright aquamarine dress, contrasted with white trim and a bow.  The model truly personified a large Tiffany’s box!  The bright blue and white satin carried on through a few other dresses, and the runway of dresses ended with a lovely white gown, suitable for a wedding.

Chocheng emerged at the end of the show and graciously bowed and waved, posing with his finale model in a suit that made the audience think that the pair was exiting the runway to go elope.


Photos courtesy of Getty Images.