May 5th:
To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Northern Lights and Mr. Wonderful, two production companies, threw a fiesta complete with Modelo, sombreros, and the swine flu (just kidding about the swine flu…).  The party was like a super cool office party, with way better offices than I will ever have.

Northern Lights produces commercials, promos, virals and film, and has been honored by The One Show, Cannes, The Emmys, and other film festivals.  Additionally, Inc. Magazine named them one of America’s fastest growing companies, which explains the super cool office.  Mr. Wonderful also does production design and direction, and creative visual effects.

Working together closely, they were having a post-production celebration for a completed project.  With these creative brains, it’s no wonder they can host a fun party and turn office politics into fun boozing.  They occasionally host other great events throughout the year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!