Are you dirty? I’m not talking the stinky kind, I’m talking the perverse and sexy kind. Got your attention yet? Yeah, I thought so. One of the newest places in this city-of-sin to have a hot night out is Doux Supperclub.

Discretely located in the Flatiron district, Doux Supperclub has nightly jazz and burlesque shows that will rock your socks off. The girls are so hot they make fire feel cold. My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of checking out Doux last week for their press night – talk about a fun time!

Doux Supperclub by Socially Superlative (7)

Their cocktails are excellent as well as their staff. Definitely worth a taste is their signature cocktail, The Doux. Made with VSOP Cognac, White Chocolate Godiva, Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur and a splash of heavy cream, topped with crushed chocolate, it’s a dangerously delicious drink.  If rum is more your flavor then you’ll wanna try the Francois L’Olonnais made with aged rum, almond liqueur, sea salt and caramel. We had a few of their other cocktails too and from what my foggy drunken memory recalls they were all exceptionally good.

Faux fireplace Doux Supperclub by Socially Superlative (12)

But the show, oh the show. The dancers are all friendly and even come visit you at your table to say hello during the show. Don’t let your eyes wander though or your girlfriend will catch you. Lucky me as her eyes are about as wandering as mine.

Doux Supperclub by Socially Superlative (8)

After the show the DJ spun some groovy tunes and we all got up and those who could still stand busted out their moves on the dance floor. Me, I just watched and had another cocktail. I didn’t wanna scare anyone with my jerky chicken dance, as I’m a lover, not a dancer. Wherever your skill(s), you’ll have freaky fun time at Doux Supperclub!

– Michael Riegelman

Doux Supperclub
59 West 21st Street
btw. 5th and 6th Avenues

Photos via Doux Supperclub and by Socially Superlative