Cointreau-mosphereIndustry mavens, fashionistas and cocktail enthusiasts alike gathered on October 17th as CointreauVogue and Elettra Wiedemann celebrated in Parisian Chic style at the Highline Stages.

Party-goers sipped on signature Cointreau Rickey cocktails and enjoyed music by DJ Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. In what turned out to be a true gathering of the female socialites-turned-DJ’s, Mia Moretti and Chelsea Leyland also came by.

“She Blinded Me with Silence” musician Thomas Dolby also had fun by the DJ booth as he helped Atlanta, daughter of Duran Duran bassis, John Taylor, spin some tunes. Designer Gabriella Cadena came with her girls, Cleo and Mia Moretti in tow, all wearing her vibrant colorful designs.

Atlanta de Cadenet, Thomas Dolby  Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, Cointreau Rickey-mosphere