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Last week, friends and media guests invited to attend Coopers Craft & Kitchen opening preview event. Thomas O’Byrne, Colin Stewart, and David Clarke decided after their great success in the East Village to try their luck in Chelsea. About a month ago, Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen opened their doors in Chelsea on 8th Avenue, and I have no doubt that they will fit right in.

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Prices are reasonable, they have great daily specials and best of all they are having us experience some of the best beers in the world. It is a great addition to Chelsea.

Their menu is described as American Comfort Food. I must admit, when I first heard that their menu was American Comfort Food, I cringed a little in fear of it being cliché or just not really that great food. But boy, was I wrong! It is so much more than comfort food. Not only is the food incredibly tasty, but it is comfort food with a twist which makes it interesting and current. Not to mention the presentation of the food is elegant and shareable, which is a difficult task to pull off.

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On the evening of the event, we were served their soft pretzels, Cooper’s wings, porchetta sandwich and smoked trout sandwich. The pretzels were served with sea salt, cheddar beer cheese, and whole-grain stout mustard. I have not eaten wings since I had food poisoning, but these looked too delicious to pass up. They were made southern fried chicken style and they were incredibly moist and cooked to perfection.

The porchetta sandwich is made with pork, sriracha mayo, arugula and pickled fennel. Who knew that fennel could taste that good? Definitely not my husband. He normally steers away from fennel, but these he ate happily. And the best dish of the evening was the smoked trout sandwich. It was incredibly tasty. I will definitely come back for that trout sandwich some day!

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I should probably have introduced the beers first, but I just had to mention their smoked trout. Even if you are not a fan of American Comfort food Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen is worth visiting simply because of their beer selection. Their selection is nothing but spectacular and the list rotates. They always have between 20 to 25 beers on tap, but you will never know which ones they offer. You can always try something new and experience the wonderful world of beer.

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My absolute favorite they had on tap this evening was the Green Flash Green Bullet, a Triple IPA. My husband’s favorite was the Southern Tier 2xpresso a stout. I am not going to mention ALL of the wonderful beers they have on tap, but I should mention their own beer they made in collaboration with Greenport Harbor, Peekskill, and Barrier CO-OPERation. I am normally not a lager fan, but they made an IPA Lager which had a really nice and smooth flavor.

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The atmosphere in the restaurant is great. I love me a good dive bar, but I also do like a cozy and elegant restaurant atmosphere. You get the best of two worlds with Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen.

Should you still not be convinced that you need to visit this great new location in Chelsea, then their $1 Fish Taco Mondays should get you in the door. You cannot beat $1 tacos! Stop by Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen at 169 8th Avenue and get your beer on!

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Cooper’s Craft and Kitchen
169 8th Avenue
btw 18th and 19th Street