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(in some religions) heaven as the ultimate abode of the just.
synonyms: Utopia, Shangri-La, a state of supreme happiness; bliss, Elysium, Valhalla, Avalon, the Garden of Eden, nirvana, an ideal or idyllic place or state.

“The surrounding countryside is a walker’s paradise.”

We are adding Costa Rica to this definition. El paraíso

Costa Rica was recognized as one of the happiest countries, and one of the leading wellness destinations in the world. The country is the safest and richest country in it’s geographical region, and sometimes referred to as “the Switzerland of Central America”.

According to the leading global measure of sustainable well-being Costa Rica has received numerous awards and accolades, including distinctions as a top ten honeymoon destination by Brides Magazine and Modern Bride World’s Trendiest Honeymoon Local Award. For those couples that are eco-enthusiasts, the Costa Rican government has created the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) program, a tourism rating system that guests can check to ensure sustainability of hotels, restaurants, tour operators and car rental companies.

Whether you are adventurous honeymooners, eco-conscious honeymooners, foodies, or looking for a traditional wedding in a beautiful country, Costa Rica has it all! From Santa Ana to La Fortuna there are wedding destinations that will make your special day unforgettable. Step into El paraíso.