creative time slumber party


This past Wednesday, November 18th, Ace Hotel New York hosted the  Creative Time Slumber Party, an event celebrating the launch of a limited edition of pajamas by Will Cotton. 

The line was produced by Exquisite Apparel in association with Phillips-Van Heusen.  This unisex PJ set was selling for a preview-price of $150.  For those who wanted something even more original, they could purchase signed Will Cotton sets for $350. 

Will is clearly inspired by desserts, which are depicted in his pajama design.  He shared his love for sweets with the rest of the party by having a long table set up in the center of the venue completely covered with every dessert imaginable.  Each item was arranged in such a beautiful way, it took about thirty minutes for guests to dare think of disturbing the placement this edible artwork.

Cocktails and snacks were courtesy of April Bloomfield’s The Breslin.  Wait staff served appetizers consisting of mini burgers, French fries, grilled cheese sandwich bites, and even fried rabbit.  There were several cocktails and glasses of wine offered throughout the evening. 

The dress code on the invitation read Boudoirs and Bachelor Pads, and this theme stayed true throughout the night.  Book shelves, ornate furniture, and comfortable couches made one feel as if he were in a private sitting room.  In one corner by the stairs stood an old-fashioned mirror.  Nearby was a stack of boas, fur, silk nightgowns, and bathrobes  for guests who opted to play ‘dress up.’ 

My personal highlight of the night was Jacob Ireland’s tarot card readings.  After nervously waiting in line for my turn, I was quickly put at ease by Jacob’s reassuring demeanor.  He spent about twenty minutes delving into his explanations of the cards I drew, and despite my initial reservations, I found his assessment of me quite accurate and very impressive. 

Around 10pm that evening, musical guest Patrick Cleandenim performed for the crowd, with a DJ set by Matt Creed.  By this time, the room was packed, and people were happily chatting away while nibbling on cookies and tarts.  Perhaps it was just the sugar rush, but everyone was having a fabulous time.

– Megan McDonough

Photos by Nick Hunt of PMc.