Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (1)

This past weekend we spend the whole weekend indulging at Dessert Goals. For those uninitiated, Dessert Goals is “a celebration of all things decadent, and a party for the tastebuds,” which definitely sounds accurate with all of the amazing treats everyone was shoveling into their faces while posting fab ‘grams.

Tons of our favorite dessert vendors were there doling our delicious sweets, so here are a few highlights!

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (3) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (4)

Always a crowd favorite is Stache of Goods with their adorable character macarons. A lot of people exclaimed, “These are too cute to eat!!” before chomping down hard on them. The talented baker and artist Amy Li decorates each macaron into novelty shapes from unicorns, pigs, pandas, cats, pineapples, to famous characters like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, and Pusheen, in tons of delicious flavors from green tea, lychee, honey lavender, black sesame, and ube. Put in your custom order today!

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (17) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (28)

Another vendor with fabulous novelty characters is Rebecca’s Cake Pops. Each cake pop is a work of art on a stick! Pick from animal shapes (flamingos, bunnies, bears, penguins, and chickens), food items (cupcakes, hot dogs, ice cream cones, piña colada), to other fun and colorful shapes in array of delicious flavors. We love the bouquets for when you want a whole bunch to share (or not share!).

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (25) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (2)

Loved the elegant cakes Patisserie Tomoko – guests were able to choose between the layered mille crepe cakes in black sesame and green tea, and also enjoy delicious bites of soft mochi. Also loved the not-too-sweet Portuguese egg tarts from Joey Bats Sweets. Buttery and creamy with just a touch of sweetness, you could eat these all day every day.

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (21) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (11)

Tons of guests gravitated towards the Cupcake Market table to check out their cookies with celebrity faces. Each face is painted on delicious sugar cookies, so you can literally devour your favorite (or most despised) celebrity. Crying Drake and Crying Kim are among the most popular, but they also take custom orders.

Sugar Monster Sweets was there serving up their signature Whoppie Pies, but we were gravitating towards their display of gorgeous custom cakes. So dramatic and fun!

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (30) via Dessert Goals NYC (25)

For something a little bit different, we really enjoyed the mango passion fruit whipped cheesecakes from Mahalo New York Bakery. Sweet and tangy, it was a quick escape to a tropical island. For something that will take you to another planet, Black Tap was there serving up their BAM BAM Fruity Pebbles Shake which included a pop tart and full-sized Nerd rope.

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (39) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (7)

We loved all of the traditional Italian dessert options from DiLena’s Dolcini, from a classic cannoli to their biscottis and sugar cookies. The DiLena sisters are doing right by their grandmother’s recipes! The delicious cake donuts from Underwest Donuts were a hit, especially with their s’mores flavor.

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (33) via Dessert Goals NYC (12)

To cool things down a bit, we had Island Pops (mango is the best!), snow cream from Snowdays, ice cream sandwiches from Too Cool Chix, ube ice cream inside a dragonfruit bowl from Ube Kitchen, and New Orlean’s style snoballs from Sweetface Snoballs by Authentic New Orleans Lady Rebecca Duckert.

Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (23) Dessert Goals NYC by Yvonne Lee (24)

Other delicious snacks included caramel corn from Butter & Scotch, frozen banana pops from Lickety Split, toffee pops from McFaddy’s, chocolate covered nuts from The Key Patisserie, hand-spun fluffy cotton candy from Brooklyn Flossand cookies from Milk & Cookies Bakery,

via Dessert Goals NYC (21)

On the rooftop was the Dylan’s Candy Bar station, the salt bar featuring cheese balls, chips, and preztels, and the Macy‘s runway where people could take sweet shots as their new profile pictures.

via Dessert Goals NYC (5)

Thanks to Dessert Goals for a fabulous afternoon!


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Photos by Lauren Kallen and Yvonne Lee