Dinner in White 2016 in Prospect Park (4)

Hundreds of New Yorkers got together in Prospect Park for a spontaneous al fresco Dinner in White. Hosted by Chloe Wine Collection and produced by Handmade Events, the pop-up dinner brought people together to dress up and enjoy a night of communal dining, music, and entertainment.

Dinner in White 2016 in Prospect Park (11)

New Yorkers showed their eagerness for this annual summer event being that tickets to the pop-up dinner were sold out well in advance of the event. The premise is that groups come dressed in their best white outfits, bring their own picnic dinner and beverages of choice, and join a slew of other guests in a night of outdoor dining and entertainment. The location of the picnic is reveled only a few hours in advances, adding suspense to all of the fun.

Dinner in White 2016 in Prospect Park (3)

While bringing food and drinks to a picnic is pretty standard, people went over the top with their table settings, bringing in their own coordinating flatware, centerpieces, and floral arrangements. It was a stunning sight to see a blanket of white over the green pastures of Prospect Park.

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VIP ticket holders were treated to a special dinner hosted by Chloe Wine Collection complete with reds, whites, rosés, and champagne cocktails. We chatted with the wine rep, who said that this was their first year partnering and hosting this pop-up, and were excited to be a part of this great event so fitting of their brand image. Chloe Wine is crafted by winemaker Georgetta Dane using exceptional fruit from some of the world’s preeminent wine growing regions. Named after the ancient word “blooming,” Chloe wines are radiant and burgeoning with beautiful aromas and luxurious flavors.

Chloe Wine Collection Dinner in White 2016 in Prospect Park (10)

For dinner, artisan macaroni and cheese, potato pancakes, scallops, cheese and charcuterie kicked off the evening, and the main entrees consisted of pan-seared branzino and tender skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. The delicious meal ended with an assortment of desserts, including coconut macaroons, mini eclairs, and mini black and white cookies.

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The only damper to the evening was the fear of being rained upon. Guests frequently looked up at the greying skies, but for the most part the weather cooperated, save for about a drizzle for five minutes that passed quickly. Fortunately, most people were too preoccupied with the musical entertainment. A band covering popular hits entertained the crowd during dinner, and then as it was getting dark, a DJ/hype man took the stage where the crowds literally ran to the dance floor.

Dinner in White 2016 in Prospect Park (13)

Another successful and fun Dinner in White to launch us into the summer season!


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Photos by Socially Superlative and via Chloe Wine Collection