Catania is a beautiful city located in Sicily known as one of the most beautiful areas in Italy. Catania’s agriculture is well known in Italy and abroad due to the high quality of the city’s natural resources.

Among this are nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios, which are also the basis of Catania’s traditional and very popular desserts.

Nuts aren’t the only thing this region is popular for; the rich soil found in this area enables the production of excellent wine. In addition to having delicious wine in Catania, they are also known to have a high alcohol content – so be careful!  Red, white, and rose wine is produced here.

Due to its location, Catania has a deep link with the sea, and the Ionian Sea is particularly rich in fish. The typical fish of the coast are the basis of many traditional recipes, typically prepared in a simple way by grilling it with some olive oil and seasoning it with a few spices.

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