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Dorin Negrau’s Spring 2015 collection was beyond bold floral lace and gunmetal tones for the cheerful season. Models were shut tight with spikes painted over their mouths while rocking delicate ensembles. Music was a bit dark, but played up the whole Translyvanian theme set for the afternoon. Romania was definitely present!

Collection included sequins, lace, sheer fabrics all black and white with bright, pop accessories to give it a little balance for spring.

Hair do’s were messy, chic and nails were also popping. The vibe was kind of like goth, because of the music and shades of black in every single piece, but the accessories gave it a little life. The stapled mouth art was intense, but it made sense and brought it together – touché MAC makeup.

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There were a few nipples here and there which seemed like a trend this year at this and other shows for spring, so get ready ladies.

Pieces were fierce, fun and fragile. Yes, fragile, meaning, you may be showing a nip or two – heavy visibility of your chest and lower back. Negrau is bringing sexy back to the badass bitch in all of us. The evil, sexy little things that live inside and screams out ego.

Stay fierce.


Anaisabel Garcia

Photos by Talia Edelheit