Entering the Juliet Supperclub last Thursday, in the far western reaches of the Chelsea gallery district was like entering the dark, glittering belly of an electronic whale.  I’m not sure what the term “supper” refers to, except perhaps the vast, semi-circular booths that wrapped along the walls of the space could potentially hold an after-hours feast.  On this night however, the feast was for the eyes.

Though the throbbing nightlife scene, with its open bar and bottle service reserved tables, was nothing outside of the ordinary, what was remarkable about this particular event, put on by Joonbug in collaboration with BlackBook Magazine, was its wanton, smiling, enthusiasm.

Maybe it was the cascading bags of popchips mounded on every surface, but the young, effervescent atmosphere that the hosts had conjured was something unique. This was not an event of jaded partygoers, pressing themselves towards the open bar, ignoring the music and not even sure what had originally brought them there.

Not that there was a lot of actual dancing, but there was a camaraderie among the guests, and a general sincere enthusiasm for the Earth Day cause that had brought them together on this particular Thursday night.  There was even a “collage-making” table set up in the back, featuring all sorts of crafty bits to create personal artworks.  Though this could normally seem almost absurdly out of place in the nightlife scene, it was again the enthusiasm of those promoting the event that made it fit.

The event was indeed a celebration of Earth Day, bringing together eco fashion designers and retailers, to show the world that one can party all night in support of the environment and look devastating while doing it.  And the folks at Joonbug would know.  A nightlife and lifestyle guide (a sister to Socially Superlative if there ever was one), as well as an event planning and production company, the goal of Joonbug is to keeps its taste making readers up on all the worthwhile goings on across the US.  Keep an eye on this crew, who will be sure to whip up another frenzy with good conscious.

– Ava Fedorov