As a first time attendee of the Editor Showcase for Health and Fitness at the Marriott Marquis, to say I was pleasantly overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.  Not only am I a foodie and health and fitness junkie, but a majority of the exhibitors were brands that I am already a fan of and the new products/extensions they were showcasing were great ideas! Here is just a small glimpse of what I explored:

Healthy Snacks:

From the makers of Foodles and Dipperz, Crunch Pak is one of the best health food snacks on-the-go for children and adults alike with their combo packs of apple slices and caramel or peanut butter and dishes in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head!  Clemmy’s is the only all natural sugar-free ice cream on the market that does not sacrifice flavor.  Their newest product is comparable to a Klondike bar, but is in the shape of an chocolate-covered ice cream ring.  Kelloggs debuted a lot of line extensions, but also had their Cracker Chips on hand, their answer to Pop Chips, in new Southwest Ranch and Cheddar flavors.  Kozy Shack introduced their lactose-free line of products, which after taste-tested, did taste just like the original recipe!  The surprise of the night was the South Beach Diet.  I came away from this booth enamored with the new 100 calorie snack bars that taste nothing like diet food, especially the Whipped Peanut Butter bars, which also are chock full of protein.


Brands with Recipes:

Avocados from Mexico was one of my top five vendors of the night.  The company showcased an avocado smoothie that tasted more sweet than savory, along with salmon and avocado on toast that used avocado instead of cream cheese.  Blueberry Council represented with some easy recipes like brie and blueberry relish on a crostini and dried blueberries in a trail mix.  Did you know that Egg-Land’s Best have more vitamins than regular eggs?  The chickens that lay these eggs are given vegetarian food and are not pumped with steroids, hormones, or antibiotics.  Plus, they have some great recipes, including one for a deviled egg that they sampled during the show.

Au Natural Companies:

Taking a different angle to promote their healthy nuts, California Almonds distributed tins that hold 23 almonds, which is equivalent to a correct serving size.  The best giveaway of the night was from Bella Sun Luci, which consisted of a take home kit with virgin olive oil and sundried tomatoes.  The talking point here was that sundried tomatoes have 12 times more lycopene than a raw tomato, which is chock full of antioxidants.  Sunkist spoke about the Cara Cara navel orange, which is available January-April and the health benefits associated with it.  They also gave everyone a demonstration with their orange chopping machine, which I now want to own!


Miscellaneous Products:

Go Cocktails was of the most innovative product showcased of the event.  The single serving sticks are mixed with alcohol and create perfect cocktails for someone on the go!  I see this being trouble in a good/bad way!  The pre made phylo dough shells from Athens Foods are perfect for people that host dinner parties and want to offer innovate appetizers while still saving time.  Rock and Wrap It Up was the only non-profit charity organization that was on the floor, this cause saves the food that goes to waste from baseball games, concerts, etc, and donates it to those in need. They also pair with schools to have students donate unopened snacks they may not eat, which also decreases waste while it increases food donations.


Overall, the Editor Showcase for Health and Fitness was a fantastic eye-opening event with a lot of educational information.

Be sure to scroll through all the photos in the gallery for a closer looker at the health products!  For anyone wanting an insider look at all the new products and line extensions of health-conscious companies, please visit the websites linked above for more details.

– Stephanie