Elise Overland (6)

It was a celeb-studded night at the Elise Øverland runway show.  Held at Exit Art on 10th Avenue, fashion insiders made their way from the familiar tents at Bryant Park to this intimate, off-site venue.

Among celebrity guests were Kelly Osborne, Malin Akerman, Hope Atherton, and fashion icon Heidi Klum. Although the international  supermodel comes across accessible to the weekly viewer of Project Runway, seeing her in person is truly an honor.  Her glamorous entrance created quite a stir among seated admirers.

Øverland presented an edgy and chic collection.  Black and red leather outfits, along with signature metallic pieces, created a cohesive blend of outerwear.  Unlike many shows during Fashion Week, Overland’s models incorporated an extra dose of attitude into their walks. Their steps hit the music’s beat at exactly the right moments.

Elise grew up in Norway, surrounded by mountains.  It was here that she developed an appreciation for silks, leathers, and other raw materials.  She has since become highly respected for her rock-n-roll styled designs.  She regularly dresses musical artists such as Alicia Keys, the White Stripes, Steven Tyler, and Britney.

Megan Eileen McDonough

Photos by Getty Images, via Courtorture.com.