10009827_10152645774748073_7413393320962731273_nEnjoy a vacation tailor made to your personal specifications with a membership to Blue Green Resorts.

Whether your personal vacation delight is basking on the sugar-white sand of a beach in Aruba or enjoying the stellar golfing challenges offered by the many championship-quality courses in Las Vegas, there is a vacation package to suit you. For families who wish to experience vacation fun the educational way, a trip to either Charleston, South Carolina or Williamsburg, Virgina will offer insight into the historic past of America’s founding. For a vacation full of carefree fun, the amusement parks of Orlando, Florida, may well beckon instead or book a tour at whale watching california to have fun with the family.

With more than 60 resort locations in over 40 prime spots scattered throughout the United States and the Caribbean, deciding which vacation to choose is the only real difficulty. By becoming a member, participants have access to any of Blue Green’s fine resort locations and can choose the perfect getaway exactly when they want to go, thanks to the flexibility of Blue Green’s more than 40 years of experience in the travel industry.

Similar to the popular timeshare format, guests of Blue Green accrue “Vacation Points” using their deeded ownership to spend multiple times per year if they so desire. Studies show that ownership in Blue Green customer program actually saves money over the cost of traditional vacations. Once families become members, the money they dedicate to traveling can actually provide extra value, allowing them to receive far more than possible by going it alone.

In addition to the lovely resorts that have provided years of exciting getaways for travelers, Blue Green has also worked to cultivate partnerships with popular guest venues, such as Choice Hotels and Bass Pro Shops, enabling them to further extend the opportunities provided for guests of their service. Blue Green has also fostered partnerships with over 4,000 other vacation destinations, which allows members to take part in a network of travel exchange options that span the globe. This wealth of opportunity allows guests to enjoy interests as diverse as gaming, wine appreciation, water sports, mountain climbing, skiing, horseback riding and hiking.

Blue Green is committed to the concept of “sharing happiness,” words that they endeavor to live by in ensuring that each guest of their facilities is met by exemplary service and takes away from each vacation only happy memories of a time spent with family and new-found friends in some of the most beautiful vacation spots on the planet.

Blue Green also ensures that the impact of travel upon each of its locations is mitigated by impacting the local area in a positive way. By giving support to charitable organizations such as the Red Cross and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and providing jobs for local communities and sponsoring company-paid volunteer programs, time spent at their resorts not only extraordinarily fun, but a socially conscious choice as well. With an exemplary record that spans more than 40 years of committed service and supports nearly two hundred thousand active and happy members, a partnership with Blue Green will ensure families enjoy a stunning range of travel possibilities with a company that truly cares about its customers and communities.