Gypsy’s Dream by Gypsy Fun Trio at Russian Samovar

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9:00 PM- 2:00 AM

Russian Samovar
256 W 52nd St
New York NY


The legendary Russian Samovar Restaurant and Piano Bar received rave reviews for its one and only “Gypsy’s Dream.” The one-hour show is performed every Friday and now Saturday as well at 9:00pm, includes classic Gypsy ballads and dancers. The Gypsy Fun Trio consists of renowned musicians Valery Zhmud, Andrey Solodenko and Sergey Pobedinsky (Sergey is also the show’s musical director). Russian Samovar manager Vlada Von Shats says of the show, “The incredible sound of the gypsies will touch your soul.”

Russian Samovar is unique in its long-standing ties with the art community and has become a home for many famous Russian poets and writers who keep coming back for the exceptional dining experience. Owned by Roman Kaplan and managed by his daughter Vlada Von Shats and her two sons Michael and Nicholas, Russian Samovar offers some of the finest Russian cuisine in New York.

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Gypsy’s Dream by Gypsy Fun Trio at Russian Samovar

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