The Best Day Of Your Life with Thrillist

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1:00 PM- 6:00 PM

Lower East Side
Lower East Side
New York NY


The Best Day Of Your Life with Thrillist

June 20th.  It’s the year’s longest Saturday, and it’s also the Best Day Of Your Life: Thrillist’s 3rd annual homage to all-day face-stuffing, drink-enjoying, impossible-to-predict surprises, and general shenanigans.

This year we’re hosting an afternoon throwdown covering more than 15 of the Lower East Side’s finest outposts to fun. Think: fusion taquitos, cereal martinis, live band karaoke, and more. Way more.

The Best Day Of Your Life is more than just a really fun Saturday.

It’s a Saturday full of food-, drink-, and absurdity-fueled fun that includes:

  • Whiskey tipples and an “oyster boat” filled to the crow’s nest with shucked delicacies at Grey Lady
  • Salty-sweet beer & pretzel cupcakes from boozy confectioners Prohibition Bakery
  • Traditional black pudding and even more traditional Irish beer at Donnybrook
  • Maple ice pops from Sweet Chick, fried fusion taquitos from Taquitoria, and more than a dozen other stops loaded with refreshments and surprises

More than 15 bars throughout the Lower East Side

Saturday, June 20th
1:00pm–6:00pm (plus an afterparty!)

Because if you’re spending the longest Saturday of the year doing anything else,

you’re missing the best Saturday of the year.

General Admission: $70
Limited Early Bird tickets: $60

The Best Day Of Your Life with Thrillist

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