Ezra Santos began Saturday September 11, 2010 couture fashion shows. She showed her 46 outfit collection at a more organized event than the events during the previous day.

Not only were her dresses magnificent and grandiose, she had the most spectacular opening and closing of the entire Couture Fashion Week. The opening was the model dressed in a garment that looked like an African inspired statue, which was ripped off half way down the runway and revealed the most beautiful black laced dress, that fitted the model like a glove. The closing resembled the opening but this time it was a beautiful beaded, yellow, 18 hundreds royal inspired dress that got ripped off by the model and it revealed an amazing white dress with a long train underneath.

The models were styled with an African flair and they seemed to effortlessly carry the amazing dresses down the runway. The dresses fitted perfectly and had impeccable beading and other details which lighted up the whole Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

The show ended with big applause and flowers which was given to Ezra Santos while she walked down the runway to receive her applause by the audience.

– Line B.