On January 31st, 2012, the beer connoisseur-packed Brooklyn Brewery held an event in honor of raising funds and awareness for farms impacted by Hurricane Irene. The event, which was hosted by the Good Beer Seal and Brooklyn Brew Shop, benefited John Gorzyinski of the Gorzynski Ornery Farm located in the valley of the Catskills. A long time fixture of Union Square’s Greenmarket, Gorzynksi and his family have been farming for over 20 years.


The Farm + Beer Expo attracted a variety of vendors challenging attendees to blind taste tests and teaching the etiquette of home brewing. Craft beers were the mainstay of the evening, with samples from well-known breweries such as Wandering Star, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewery, Tundra Beer, and Kelso. Home brewers also kept crowds in high spirits (and full cups) with their unique concoctions ranging from rich, smoky ales as well as quirky twists like pistachio infused crafts. As libations flowed, beer enthusiasts swapped stories of their inspirations behind their latest brewery concoctions while Sean Lynch of Pipe Dreams educated brewers on the importance of line cleanliness and knowing where their ales are served.

Attendees anxiously waited in expanding lines to sample the all-you-can-eat buffet. Patrons nibbled on bites of Coach Farm’s goat cheese and homemade crackers, while others piled their plates with East Village Meat Market’s offerings of European hams and kielbasa slices topped with spicy mustard.

Paying tribute to their gastropub eats, Jimmy’s No 43 offered upscale eats such as kale anchovy toast, topped with smoked Gouda cheese and BBQ lamb shoulder quesadilla – a crowd favorite. DNA Info’s spicy wings were the perfect pairing for the endless supply of speciality brews available. With full bellies and high spirits the event quickly came to a close where attendees filtered out into the unseasonably warm January night.

– Liz Demcsak

For more images from the event, check out the gallery below or visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46702031@N07/