Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (4)

Earlier in July my husband and I went around the corner to Urbanspace Vanderbilt at 230 Park Avenue close by Grand Central. Two new food places have opened up within the food hall and they were eager to show the community, and we were invited to a VIP tasting to spread the word about these two amazing new spots.

Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (6)

My husband loves Korean BBQ, and what better to fuel that love than KBBQ by Korilla. KBBQ  started out as a food truck, and year after year they expanded with more and more trucks. Now they have brick and mortar shop in Midtown East plus a stand at Urbanspace. We tried their Bulgogi Rice Bowl, KBBQ Pork Rice Bowl, their pork dumplings, and seafood dumplings. It was a lot of food, but it was too good not to order it all!

Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (5) Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (7)

I am the salad lover so Farmstand was my go-to place. For the tasting they presented a few platters with cheese and some with charcuterie.

Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (9)

Right now they are offering some delicious drinks and amazing salads. What makes Farmstand special compared to other salad places is their hyper-local take on seasonal salads. The way they make their salads are transparent, seasonal, and simply the freshest salads I have tasted in a VERY long time. All ingredients are sourced from within a 150 mile radius. If you have knowledge of farming you know that for a city that is quite impressive. Even their drinks and beers are locally sourced.

Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (10) Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (1)

I could go on and on about Farmstand. They are simply amazing but so is Urbanspace. Urbanspace is a place for food makers to come together in a collaborative environment where they can learn from each other and seek inspiration from one another. Urbanspace also, focuses on markets that features ever changing lineups of chefs and artisans to get the most vibrant fare which in return brings new and exciting arrays of foods to the customers.

Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (3) Farmstand & KBBQ by Korilla at Urbanspace (2)

I work around the corner from Urbanspace Vanderbilt and the place is always packed. It shows how popular the space is, besides it being at an amazing location being so close to Grand Central. They always seem to have something new or exciting going on and an open space like that where you can try up to 20 different types of food in 1 place and enjoy a drink or two is ideal. I have met family members for breakfast, colleagues for lunch and now gone for an event for dinner. There is no time where it is not packed and the mood high.

Come on down to Urbanspace and get your community feeling on! It is a great space!

– Line

Urbanspace Vanderbilt
230 Park Avenue near Grand Central
New York, NY