While many of us had done some serious shopping, partying, and dancing at the biggest and largest shopping initiative for Fashion’s Night Out, I was tucked away, far from the chaos to view celebs favorite jewelry designer, Jules Kim, of the Bijules Spring collection line. The Bijules’ event brought in the right elements of a fun filled night with great music thumping in the background, a party-loving crowd, strong vodka infused cocktails, and jewelry ready to be purchased on the spot.

Already a fan of her impeccable and stylish jewelry line, I was onboard to see her Spring collection titled: Bijules Haute: Le Nez de Tycho debuting at Gold Bar. Like so many of her past collection, this was no different- her pieces are always edgy, fresh, and bold. Bijules’ haute inspiration arose from a Renaissance alchemist Tycho Brahe and his missing nose from his gruesome duel.

And, so it became that Tycho Brahe’s character was the focal point that spawned Jules’ creations of “golden eye” (24-K gold contact lenses sold in pairs); studded nipple pasties (comes in silver or karats of gold); “smoking lip” (cigarette holder with a golden top lip); and my favorite amongst her other pieces like the dueling gloves with 14K gold shot-filled fingers and gold embellished chess set is her “Golden Finger” which is 14K gold articulated-reptilian looking tiered ring… a jewelry piece not made for the meek.

– Tiffany

Photos courtesy of Chris Ross, and W Magazine for “Golden Finger”