The first time I heard of Eddie’s Pizza Truck was this past summer from an intern working at our company.  Originally from Long Island where Eddie’s first opened, he raved about the quality of their pies.  Since then, I’ve been meaning to taste their pizza and decide for myself.

Featured during NYC Wine & Food Festival, an event hosted by Andrew ZimmernEddie’s Pizza Truck received favorable reviews for its debut.  After many requests to open a Manhattan location, the pizza company set out to conquer the trendy New York borough.  Believing that being mobile was the most effective way to reach as many people as possible, Eddie’s decided on a Bar Pie on-the-go serving style.  
This past Friday I put my taste buds to the test.  Nestled on Park Ave, between 26th and 27th streets, the bright red truck was hard to miss.  Well actually it was parked right next to another red truck, causing momentary confusion as to which truck to approach.  The Top 40 music blasting from inside and fan photos posted on the outside paint made it clear which truck belonged to Eddie’s.  

Being very hungry but feeling less daring, a co-worker and I ordered the 16’ large, whole-wheat pie with half cheese and half pepperoni.  We waited about 15 minutes for our lunch, which in the cold winter months seemed a bit long.  On the flip side, at least the workers were handling our pizza with care.
Back at the office, we chowed down our pie.  I usually tend to prefer thicker crusts, especially when I am starving but I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of Eddie’s recipe.  I later learned that a 10’ personal pie from Eddie’s is only 270 calories.  That’s pretty hard to beat health-wise and also proves to be a good selling point in a city with such a competitive pizza industry.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck is also a favorite of the Entourage cast, featured in episode 1 of season 2, The Boys are Back in Town.  In this episode, Turtle, aka Jerry Ferrara, has authentic New York style foods, including Eddie’s pizza, shipped to their bachelor pad.


Check out the truck’s location on their site or follow their Twitter feed.  If you happen find yourself near one of several Eddie’s Pizza Truck locations I recommend you let your taste buds decide for themselves! 

– Megan Eileen McDonough

Pie mages via Eddie’s Pizza Truck