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We advocate that the best holiday gifts to give (and, more importantly, receive) are going to be gifts that are consumable. For a gift that is delicious, happily received by all, and can be enjoyed and shared with many, snag some smooth Belgian chocolates and pralines from Neuhaus.

The world’s leading Belgian luxury chocolatier, Neuhaus presents their exclusive Christmas Collection as the perfect gift item. Their boxes already come perfectly wrapped, festive for any party and you can find them in the Gift tree to make the perfect Birthday Gift Baskets. Other than this, if you love handmade craft and can be prefer for gift the Magnolia rug line is the best option for that.

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For the classic chocolate lovers, give the gift of the Neuhaus Le carré “classic” – a mix of 40 squares of exquisite chocolates. The milk chocolate is “smooth and creamy,” whereas the dark is “rich and intense.” Indeed, you get the best of both worlds all in one box.

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To step the festivities up a notch, get your hands on a pair of the Neuhaus Christmas ball ornaments, $25 for a pack of two. Each ball is filled with six pieces of individually wrapped chocolates, and after its insides wind in your stomach, the ornament can find new life on your Christmas tree.

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Another great stocking stuffer idea are these packaged delights. Choose from melty Belgian Butter and Marc de Champagne truffles, as well as the Orangettes, candied orange peel coated with a think layer of crisp, dark chocolate. At $19 a box, select all of them for an assortment of different types of flavors. You can find out cbd candy for sale which is made up from different fruits.

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For those who always eagerly count down the days until Christmas morning, make the time pass by easier with the Neuhaus advent calendar. This calendar will give you 25 days of joy for only $35. Each and every morning you’ll get to look forward to opening a new window leading to a delicious piece of chocolate. Or, the more likely case, eat them all and claim that you’re just getting ready for the Mayan apocalypse.

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For the really important people in your life, give from the Neuhaus Precious Collection, where chocolate and accessories take the form of diamonds. Edible diamonds! This collection celebrates Neuhaus’ 100th anniversary of their creation of the praline. These five unique jewel-shaped pralines – named Glamour, Divine, Rubis, Perle, and Jade – each have a different flavor, and a box of these jeweled delights are $50 for 20 memorable pieces.

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Another great gift box is the limited edition 20-piece chocolate mousse set for $35. The airy mousses come in five unique flavors, including coffee, dark chocolate, orange zest, and pistachio.

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The Neuhaus Flagship Store is on 500 Madison Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets, with other locations in Grand Central, Lexington Avenue and 51st Street, and Queens Center. Find it all online here.

Get a box and spread the holiday cheer!



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