In my opinion, Highpoint Bistro & Bar is one of those underrated restaurants that usually go unnoticed in NYC.  One of those pleasant surprises that you happen to stumble upon on the street when you can’t figure out where to eat. Nestled in the heart of Chelsea on the cross street of 23rd Street and 7th Avenue, the interior immediately transports you to a French bistro or a bar during the Prohibition era with black and white photos of the city adorning the walls.

After receiving suggestions from one of our servers (everyone here is willing to help you out!) we started our night with the Sunny Day in Chelsea cocktail. Even though it was bitterly cold outside, this drink made you forget that. Comprised of vodka, honey, grapefruit and elderflower with homemade syrups and juices, it automatically puts you in a good mood.  A mini shopping cart of bread with fresh hummus was brought to our table, which was reminiscent of the whimsical presentations at Barton G in Miami and just as good.

We moved onto our appetizer and couldn’t pass up the Butternut Squash soup with apple, marshmallow and candied pistachios. The plate is served with just the solid ingredients and the soup itself is poured table side, which added an elevated level of service to the experience.

We divvied our preferences for dinner, one of us opting for the Crispy Duck Breast and myself proceeding with the Seared Scallop special with the vow that we would try each other’s dish. The duck was served medium rare, which enabled it to still be tender and juicy. The candied cranberries added a sweet element to the duck juices that accompanied the duck confit. The scallops were cooked to perfection and were complimented with the multicolored cauliflower and thick cut bacon they were served over.


Although we were pretty stuffed, we were coerced to try a couple desserts.  We decided to go with the Chocolate Mousse Semifreddo with Creme Fraiche and the Warm Apple Tart.  The semifreddo was light and airy and the puff pastry from the apple tart flaked apart with ease.  The Creme Brûlée Egglings were sent compliments of the chef. The egglings got their own special mini spoon and the creativity of the dish is something that sets Highioint Bistro apart from other New American restaurants.

I would definitely recommend Highpoint Bistro  as a cozy date spot, a place to grab drinks with your girlfriends, or they even have Sunday brunch there with fresh-squeezed blood orange mimosas. You won’t be disappointed with the food or service.

– Stephanie C.

Highpoint Bistro & Bar
216 7th Ave
between 22nd St & 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
(646) 410-0120

Photos by Stephanie Carino and via Gail PR