We’ve realized with this dreary weather that time’s running out on summer and we need to capitalize on these few days of summer drinking we have remaining.  This is where I Spirit Vodka come in handy, when planning for a special occasion like a summer BBQ, boozy brunch with friends, or sneaking an illicit drink into your Central Park picnic.

Hailing from the historical and cultural land of Friuli in Italy, I Spirit Vodka embodies Italian class and charm.  Perfect all year round, but particularly essential to perfect your summer cocktail, we’ve got two great recipes for you to test out:


Vodka Collins

4/5 I Spirit Vodka
1/5 Lemon Juice
1/2 Sugar Teaspoon
Add carbonated water, slices of orange and lemon, black cherry


Vodka Gimlet

2/3 I Spirit Vodka
1/3 Lime Juice
1 Teaspoon of Powdered Sugar


If you’re too lazy to make these simple summer I Spirit Vodka cocktails yourself – well, we don’t blame you.  I Spirit Vodka is now available at some of your favorite NYC hot spots, including Maialino, Gramercy Tavern, and Provocateur at the Gansevoort. Check out some of the signature cocktails offered by Cipriani’s:



Also shop for it at Astor Wines and Italian Wine Merchants.  Make the most of your summer cocktails!




About I Spirit Vodka

I Spirit Vodka is a five-times distilled vodka from the historic land of Friuli. Created by Italian tastemakers Lapo Elkann of Fiat family fame, the Cipriani family, Venetian entrepreneur Francesco Cosulich and Friulian distiller Marco Fantinel, I Spirit Vodka is championed by Brand Manager Cesare Martini (great-grandson of the founder of Martini & Rossi, Alessandro Martini). I Spirit is a combination of the highest quality grains, hand-selected white grapes and fresh spring water from the Italian Alps. And in their first official beverage competition, the Ultimate Spirits Competition in New York awarded I Spirit an impressive 91 score.

This Italian spirit was formed with signature Italian grace and care, launched by families whose names are synonymous with luxury and the Italian lifestyle. The original recipe was created in the 1930s by Giuseppe Cipriani at the famed Harry’s Bar in Venice with a little help from his friend Ernest Hemingway. After all, Italians see a cocktail-filled evening not as something to do to pass the time away, but as an event.