Ever wanted to be a designer?  Now you can get your creativity on and put that fashionista eye to work!

Enter:  At this site, aspiring designers can create a profile and upload their designs for all users to view, and users vote for their favorite designs.  The votes are not just for show – the top voted styles are actually produced!  They are then sold on the site, so the designs are truly “for designers, by designers.”

Founder of UsTrendy, Sam Sisakhti, said the inspiration for the website came from hearing the struggles that friends were having getting started in the business, especially during these tumultuous economic times.  In addition to the difficult barriers of entry into the already established and catty fashion world, it was coupled with the general disgruntled feeling “regarding the traditional practices within the fashion industry, which allow a select few among the fashion elite to decide the trends and clothing styles for the masses to wear every season.”  Now, Sisakhti has created a great vehicle for creativity and expressive individuality.

This system allows aspiring designers to express their artistry in fashion design.  As a result, fun and fashionable apparel is created via a fair democratic voting system. hosts various contests and competitions, and even runway shows with up-and-coming designers, so take a look at what they are about and get your submissions in.

With that said: get to work!