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Last year I wrote an article about my experience at the best salon in the city (in my opinion), and once again I got to write a little something about them at their new location.

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On February 27th Vartali had their salon-warming party. The party was a success and clients of theirs such as Elaine Stritch, Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, Joan Hamburg, Miss New York 2012 Shannon Oliver and Miss New York 2011 Kaitlin Monte. It was a fun event with a very light mood and everyone had a great smile on their face.

I was impressed by how well they seemed to know their clients and how they all tried to talk a little with everyone so that everyone would feel welcome and comfortable. But that is their specialty – making you feel at home and comfortable. The drinks were flowing and the hors d’oeuvres were never ending. It was a magical and successful evening.

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Their space is a lot bigger and I love the new look of the place. It looks so much more modern and inviting than their old place. It is a very light space, with light walls and a lot of spot lights. What they do is they have artists hang their paintings up on their walls and they are free to be purchased by anyone. The two artists I have seen since they have moved to a different space have been very colorful and have given the space a lot more vibrancy and life. The furniture is sleek and modern but just cozy enough to make you feel comfortable.

What I really took notice of this time was the feel you get when you go there. It is like being home. Everyone knows you and even by name, they make sure that you are comfortable and the way that they interact with you, each other and their guests makes you feel very at home.

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I went to check out their new space earlier this month at my own hairstyling appointment. As usual, I got the best treatment by both Anna and Piet. I went a little more dramatic with my hair – but when I was done, I was not 100% sure of my color, as it looked a bit like my boyfriend’s hair color. When Anna found out that I was a bit unsure, she was ready to color my hair again to make sure that I was 100% satisfied. However, I decided to stay with the first color, since it did look nice on me after all. Piet was equally amazing he had listened and remembered the last time I was there even though that was 7 months ago that I like my hair long and to look healthy. It is always nice with an intellectual conversation when you are sitting in his chair.

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– Line B.

Photos by Peter Maugeri and by Socially Superlative