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What an evening – on Wednesday, March 20th, Beaumarchais celebrated their one-year anniversary for their Nuit Blanche Wednesdays. And with good reason! It used to be more fashionable to have an event with dinner, but today, it is rare, so it was a delight to see that a restaurant like Beaumarchais is keeping French traditions alive.

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The evening started out slow with some complimentary wine and prosecco and a little bar nibbles. But with a not completely full restaurant in the beginning gave me the opportunity to take an extra glance at the beautiful artwork of Jerome Lucani.

As the evening progressed the restaurant was filled to the rim and the entertainment started out light with the amazing Dandy Wellington and his band. A very nice mix of swing, big band and jazz-like music that was perfect for what was and what was coming up next. With his music and his smooth voice we were transported back in time to the 1930s and 1940s and with the atmosphere of the restaurant and the music we were all ready to have the ultimate burlesque and cancan experience.

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I was lucky to run into Christina Milian, who was just about to enter the restaurant with her friends. Beaumarchais is known to attract a lot of famous people so no surprise that the beautiful Christina Milian showed up to take part in the festivities.

The dancers from “Dances of Vice” were gorgeous, beautiful and very sensual in the old school fashion. They were dancers that knew the art of burlesque to perfection and did not take the nudity too far and that made the transformation to the 1930s and 1940s complete.

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A very successful evening for Beaumarchais and I look forward to see the success grow as more and more people realize the beauty of dinner and entertainment. Do not be scared to scream and yell when the dancers take a piece of clothing off… it is part of the fun!

– Line